Safety & Security

Enhance Your Garage's Safety & Security with Top-Tier Solutions

Secure your garage like never before with our premium range of safety and security products. Our carefully curated collection is dedicated to providing you with state-of-the-art remotes, keypads, and monitors from trusted brands like LiftMaster and Genie. Experience peace of mind with our advanced technology designed to keep your garage safe and secure.

Advanced Remotes for Secure Access

Control access to your garage with precision and reliability using our selection of advanced remotes. Our LiftMaster Mini 3 Button Remote Control Transmitter 890MAX offers a compact solution with powerful security features, ensuring that only you and your loved ones can enter. These remotes are designed with rolling code technology to prevent unauthorized access, keeping your home and family protected.

Smart Keypads for Enhanced Security

Our smart keypads, including the LiftMaster MyQ Smart Garage Video Keypad VKP1, combine convenience with robust security measures. With personalized entry codes and built-in surveillance capabilities, these keypads offer a secure way to manage garage access. The backlit numbers ensure easy operation, even in low light conditions, adding an extra layer of security.

Monitors for Constant Vigilance

Keep a vigilant eye on your garage with our advanced monitors. The LiftMaster Internet Gateway Garage Monitor 828LM lets you check the status of your garage door anytime, anywhere. Pair it with the LiftMaster MyQ Smart Garage Control HUB for a comprehensive monitoring system that alerts you in real-time to any activity, giving you full control over your garage's security.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Each product in our collection plays a pivotal role in securing your garage. From the LiftMaster MyQ Additional Door Sensor for expanded coverage to the LiftMaster MyQ-SGC2WLM Smart Garage Camera for live video feeds, we ensure you have the tools to create a fortress of security around your garage.

Tailored for Your Peace of Mind

Our products are more than just hardware; they represent a commitment to your home's security. With detailed product information, clear installation instructions, and customer support, our category page is designed to guide you through enhancing your garage's safety.

Discover the ultimate in garage safety and security on our page today. Invest in your peace of mind with our top-of-the-line security remotes, keypads, and monitors. Your secure, worry-free lifestyle starts here.

Front view of the LiftMaster 889LM MyQ Control Panel with buttons and myQ logo.
Liftmaster Internet Gateway Garage Door Opener Monitor
LiftMaster 880LMW Smart Wall Control Panel with screen
LiftMaster 883LM Security+ 2.0 MyQ Wall Button in vertical orientation
Front view of LiftMaster MyQ VKP1 Video Keypad with integrated camera and keypad
LiftMaster 821LMC-S Smart Garage Control Hub with Modern White Finish
LiftMaster MyQ Retrofit Package, including the 828LM Gateway and 889LM Control Panel
LiftMaster MYQ-SGC2WLM Smart Garage Camera with adjustable base
Front view of the LiftMaster 827LM myQ Remote LED Light in white
LiftMaster 378LM Wireless Secondary Control Panel frame