Genie GBWCSL2-BX Series II Multi-Function Wall Control Garage Door Opener 39165R


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Genie GBWCSL2-BX Wired Wall Station Console 39165R

This Genie GBWCSL2-BX wall button is compatible with all Genie and Overhead Door brand openers using series 2 rolling code, code dodger and Intellicode technology. It controls the garage door, light, and includes a secure lock feature.

The Genie Multi-function wired garage door opener wall console has a backlit panel that makes it easy to locate even in the dark. This console is compatible with all Genie garage door opener models that use Series II electronics and is a quick and easy replacement for any other Series II wall console. It also has a new Slide Lock Design and Sure Lock Mode, which allows you to lock the keypad and remotes for extra security. A handy programming card is also included in a holder on the console for quick reference.


  • Console, instructions, and screws.


  • Backlit panel for easy use in the dark
  • Hard wired and reliable.
  • Direct replacement GBWCSL2, GBWC-BX, GPWC-BX, GBWC2-BX, 37351R, 34299R.
  • Compatible with Genie Series 2 Intellicode openers.
  • Large responsive wall button.
  • Secure lock button

Click here to download instruction manual

 How to operate the different features of this wall station:


Indicator backlight will display red when wall console is properly wired and Sure-Lock is OFF. When SureLock is ON, indicator backlight will be OFF.


This button opens and closes garage door. When Sure-Lock is ON, the Open/Close button will CLOSE door only.

NOTE: Constant button pressure in the CLOSE mode will override STB error responses in the powerhead and close door

Light Button

Use this button to turn powerhead lights ON. Powerhead lighting will remain ON until this button is pressed again or a door action has been completed.

Note: If opener has a Motion Detector, the sensor will keep the powerhead lights ON as long as motion is detected.

Sure Lock

When Sure-Lock is ON and the garage door is in the fully closed position, the powerhead cannot be activated by the wall console or a remote.

Note: If Sure-Lock is activated while the garage door is not fully closed, the door can still be operated until the door is in the fully closed position.

  • Slide the Sure-Lock™ Switch up to activate it. The backlight will be OFF.
  • Slide the Switch down to turn Sure-Lock™ OFF. The backlight will be ON.

Genie Wall Station Info

Installing Replacement Wall Station (with pre-existing wiring)

  1. Disconnect power to powerhead.
  2. Remove existing wall console from the wall by removing mounting screws.
  3. Remove wires from existing wall console.
  4. Split and strip ends of wire if required (Figure below). 
    Genie Wall console wiring diagram
  5. Fasten wire to control board screws on back of wall console (Figure below):
    genie wall mount wiring back diagram
  6. Connect white wire between powerhead terminal #3 to wall console terminal “W.” (figure above and below)
    genie wall console wiring terminal
  7. Connect striped wire between powerhead terminal #4 to wall console terminal “B.” (same images as previous)

    NOTE: When existing wires have a color code different from above (FIG. 3), or none at all—make sure the wires are connected between terminals as directed above. When the wires are connected to the opposite terminals, the Sure-Lock® and Light feature may not function. The first indication of incorrect wiring is the backlight will be OFF.
  8. Mount wall console to wall using screws provided. Verify height at least 5 ft. above floor.
  9. Reconnect power to powerhead.
  10. Check operation of each wall console button and feature.

Compatible with: Genie Series II Intellicode openers. Direct replacement GBWCSL2, GBWC-BX, GPWC-BX, GBWC2-BX, 37351R, 34299R..