Liftmaster Mini 3 Button Remote Control Transmitter 890MAX


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Liftmaster Mini Keychain 3-Button Remote Control Transmitter 890MAX

You can program up to three garage door openers, gate operators, or MyQ enabled light accessories with this new Liftmaster Mini 890 MAX Transmitter. It's great for a busy lifestyle for someone who is always on the go. The 890MAX is so compact it fits perfectly on your keychain, in your pocket, or in your purse. With the Liftmaster 890MAX you can always have it on you when you arrive at home. For added safety, it features Security+2.0 rolling code technology that virtually eliminates interference and sends a brand new code every time it is used. The 890MAX signal has a long range and features LED light signals that helps with easy push-button programming.

  • Remote control
  • Keychain
  • Battery
  • Instructions
  • Easy Programming
  • Fits in purse, pocket or on a key chain
  • Can control up to three garage door openers, gate operators or MyQ enabled light accessories
  • Features Security+2.0‚ rolling code technology that virtually eliminates radio wave interference
  • 5-year 3V battery included

The 890 MAX can be used as a replacement remote control for 80 Series, 970 Series, and 370 Series LiftMaster remote controls.
Replacement for these remotes:

  • 81LM, 82LM, 83LM, 84LM
  • 370LM, 371LM, 372LM, 373LM, 374LM
  • 971LM, 972LM, 973LM, 974LM

Old part numbers for the 81LM, 82LM, 83LM, 84LM remote:

  • Liftmaster part numbers 81LM, 82LM, 83LM, 84LM, 96LM
  • Chamberlain part numbers 850CB, 853CB, 959CB, 856CB
  • Sears craftsman part numbers 139.53779, 139.53879, 139.53859, 139.53779, 139.53759, 139.53225, 139.53225SR, 139.53225SRT, 139.53325, 139.53325SRT, 139.53335SRT1, 139.53425, 139.53425SRT, 139.53479, 139.53491, 139.53525, 139.53525SRT, 139.53535, 139.53535SRT1, 139.53626, 139.53627, 139.53628, 139.53628SRT, 139.53629, 139.53635, 139.53635SRT, 139.53636, 139.53636SRT, 139.53637, 139.53637SRT, 139.53638SRT, 139.53640, 139.53640SRT, 139.53641, 139.53641SRT, 139.53644, 139.53644SRT, 139.53645, 139.53645SRT1, 139.53645SRT3, 139.53646, 139.53646SRT1, 139.53646SRT2, 139.53647SRT1, 139.53648, 139.53648SRT1, 139.53648SRT2, 139.53650, 139.53650SRT, 139.53660, 139.53660SRT, 139.53660SRT1, 139.53669, 139.53669SRT, 139.53678, 139.53678SRT, 139.53800, 139.53800SRT, 139.53824, 139.53824SRT, 139.53834, 139.53834SRT1, 139.53834SRT3, 139.53915SRT, 139.53927SRT, 139.53960SRT, 139.53970, 139.53970SRT, 139.53971, 139.53971SRT, 139.53973, 139.53973SRT, 139.536141SR, 139.536151SR, 139.536181SR, 139.536191SR, 139.536251SR, 139.536261SR, 139.536271SR
  • Wayne Dalton part number 81WD

Old part numbers for the 971LM, 972LM, 973LM, 974LM remotes:

  • Liftmaster part numbers 91LM, 92LM, 94LM, 96LM
  • Chamberlain part numbers 950CB, 953CB, 956CB
  • Sears craftsman part numbers 139.53661, 139.53661SRT, 139.53661SRT3, 139.53662, 139.53662SRT2, 139.53663, 139.53663SRT, 139.53664, 139.53664SRT, 139.53664SRT2, 139.53670, 139.53670SRT1, 139.53671, 139.53671SRT, 139.53671SRT3, 139.53672, 139.53672SRT, 139.53672SRT2, 139.53672SRT3, 139.53673, 139.53673SRT, 139.53673SRT3, 139.53674, 139.53674SRT1, 139.53674SRT2, 139.53675, 139.53675SRT2, 139.53677, 139.53677SRT, 139.53677SRT3, 139.53680, 139.53681, 139.53961, 139.53961SRT, 139.53962, 139.53962SRT, 139.53962SRT1, 139.53963, 139.53963SRT, 139.53964, 139.53964SRT, 139.53966, 139.53966SRT, 139.53966SRT1, 139.53974, 139.53974SRT, 139.53975, 139.53975SRT, 139.53975SRT1, 139.53976, 139.53976SRT, 139.53978, 139.53978SRT, 139.53978SRT1


  • Frequency: Dual 390 and 315 Mhz
  • Battery: 3 volt lithium 2032
  • Model No: 890MAX, same as G890MAX
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Chamberlain
  • Warranty: Mfg 1 year

Compatible with:

  • LiftMaster garage door openers manufactured since January 1993 - All Models
  • LiftMaster 315MHz Security+ gate operators - All Models
  • Elite 315MHz Security+ gate operators - All Models
  • Liftmaster 390 or 315 mhz Units- All Models
  • Chamberlain 390 or 315 mhz Units- All Models
  • Sears 390 or 315 mhz Units- All Models
  • Compatible with the following Wayne Dalton circuit board model numbers: 41A4252-7, 41D4674-1, 41A4315-7, 41D4674-3, 41D4374-9, 41A4252-6, 41A4315-6, 41A4207-1, 41A4201-7, 41A4207, and 41A4201-6
NOTE: Will not work on pre-1993 units that have dip switches.
  • Liftmaster models - 985, 1240, 1240R, 1245, 1245R, 1245GMR, 1246, 1246R, 1250, 1255, 1255R, 1255GMR, 1256, 1260, 1260LK, 1245LK, 1270, 1280,1345, 1346, 1355, 1356, 2220, 2110, 2245, 2255, 2575, 2595, 2265, 2565, 2280, 2580, 2500, 2500B, 2500D, 2585, 3110, 3130, 3220, 3240, 3245, 3255, 3265, 3270, 3275, 3280, 3500, 3575, 3585, 3595, 3800, 3840, 3850, 1000SD, 1000SDR, 2000SD, 2000SDR, ATS211, ATS211R, ATS2113X, ATS2113X-CX, HCT50113O, LGO50113L, LGO50113R, LGO50113XR, LA412, LA400, 41a5021, 41a5021-1, 41a5021-I, 41a5021-1M-315¬†(current model numbers may not be listed) For all other models, look for the purple learn button on the back of the powerhead for your garage door opener and the Security+ logo.
  • Chamberlain models - 1100, 1200, 2100, 2200, 4100, 4200, 4600, 4620, 4640, 5100, 6200, 7200, 7220, 7320, 8100, 8100M, 8200, 9200, 9902, 9950, 99CSO, G40, CG40, PD210, PD610, PD612K, PD420, PD460-2, WD822K, 710WHC, 711WHC
  • Wayne Dalton models - 215WD, 220WD, 315WD, 320WD
  • Sears Craftsman & Master Mechanic models manufactured from 1993 on (see paragraph below on the manufacture date)

To determine if this remote control is correct for you, look on the powerhead (opener attached to the garage ceiling) for the color of the learn button. If you have a green, red, or purple learn button this is the correct remote control for your garage door opener.

You can also check your existing remote control, or wall button for the color of the LED light. If you have a green, yellow, or amber light this is the correct remote control for your garage door opener.

For Sears Craftsman, Master Mechanic and all other garage door openers manufactured by Chamberlain group Locate your manufacture date to determine the correct remote control. This date is found on the logic control panel of the powerhead hanging in the garage(generally found behind one of the light covers).

  1. Locate the Smart/Learn Button on the Powerhead Unit.
  2. Locate the Program Button on the remote control
  3. To enter programming mode, press the Program button until the LED on the front of the remote control turns on.
  4. Press and release the learn button on the Powerhead unit. The learn LED will glow steadily for 30 seconds.
  5. Within 30 seconds press and release the button on the remote control you wish to use. Check to see if the garage door opener light blinks. If not, wait for the remote control LED to light solid then slowly press and release the remote control button again. Repeat until light bulb blinks. DO NOT press button after light bulb blinks
For the full instructions, and programming illustrations click here.