LiftMaster MYQ-SGC2WLM Smart Garage Camera


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The LiftMaster MYQ-SGC2WLM is a smart garage camera that enhances security and convenience. It connects with the myQ app for live or recorded viewing. Featuring motion and person detection, it records upon detecting activity. The camera is easy to install with Bluetooth and has a flexible mounting base. Compatible with Amazon Prime, it supports secure package delivery in the garage. The camera delivers high-quality audio and video with 1080p resolution, h.264 encoding, night vision, and a wide 140-degree field of view. It's compatible with all myQ-connected garage door openers and works with most openers post-1993 when paired with a myQ Smart Garage Control.

Key Features:

  • myQ Connectivity: Allows live feed or recorded events to be viewed via the myQ app.
  • Motion and Person Detection: Starts recording when motion or people are detected.
  • Easy Setup: Features straightforward installation with Bluetooth and a versatile mounting base.
  • Secure In-Garage Delivery: Compatible with Amazon Prime for secure package delivery.
  • High-Quality Audio and Video: Offers clear surveillance with 1080p video, h.264, night vision, and a 140-degree field of view.
  • Flexible Mounting and Power Supply: Comes with a magnetic base for different mounting options and an AC power adapter.

Compatible with all myQ connected garage door openers and most brands manufactured after 1993 when used with the myQ Smart Garage™ Control (821LMC-S).