August 31, 2021

Torquemaster Springs - Common Questions & Tips

Torquemaster Springs

Why do I need a TM3 (Plus Style) spring setup which would about double my replacement cost and add to my effort?
The main benefit/reason to upgrade to the plus is just that all plus parts are still being made. The original style winding parts were discontinued many years ago and the plus style gears are not cross compatible. We don't know how long the original style springs will continue to be offered, but at some point they will be discontinued as well and all will be required to convert to the plus.

If your old winding gears strip out on install of the new spring, the upgrade is required. Many customers just cut straight to the chase and upgrade while replacing springs to avoid future issues. The springs are identical between both, its just the end cones and outer assemblies that are different. 

Why would WD dealers try to talk me into converting to a standard torsion spring starting at about $350 but could get as high as $800?
We hear similar stories often on local companies trying to upsell on a more expensive replacement than necessary. This usually just comes down to lack of knowledge or parts on the Torquemaster system. Thankfully the internet exists and homeowners are savvy enough to do a little googling and wind up on a retailer like us that can offer a more affordable DIY solutions.


Can I just get away with replacing the winding cones on the springs if those are what failed?
The end cones made today may not fit some of the older springs as a replacement, and they are very hard to swap out. It is far easier to just replace the entire spring if the cones are broken. 

Why are the end cones on my old spring vs the newer springs different materials?
Torquemaster spring end cone material on the springs vary based on when it was made, what type it is, and what weight it is lifting. The material end cones are made of on new springs will vary based on these same factors. It may be nylon or metal/aluminum. We rarely see the end cones break on the nylon ones. They are quite durable and are rated for 10,000+/- cycles.

Do I need anything else or can I just replace the springs?
This will vary from case to case. We recommend checking the condition of the winding gears and cables/drums on your spring system prior to ordering replacements. If any of these look worn or damaged, you should replace them. If you have the original style springs, this will likely mean you need to upgrade to the plus style with a conversion kit. This option is available on our Torquemaster spring page on the first drop down menu "Complete Plus Upgrade".

How to Order Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Springs

Will they attach to what I currently have?
If you select the correct spring style matching what you already have (unless you are converting to the plus, and then it will regardless of your previous spring style), it will fit your existing parts. Reference this guide below when trying to determine which style you currently have:

plus vs original style

Do I need to lubricate the new springs?
Lubricant isn't required as the springs are pre-lubricated, but it is a great addition for spring longevity. We recommend this option - Pro Series Heavy Weight Garage Door Lubricant Spray 6oz

What risk is there if I just replace my TM1 (Original Style) springs?
The only risk of replacing old springs with the original style instead of upgrading is the possibility that the end gears may strip out before the springs wear out and at that point a full upgrade with new plus style springs and kit would be required.


Still not sure what to order? If you have any questions regarding Torquemaster spring replacements, we would be happy to help you! Please send us an email here with any information you have gathered on your spring system, pictures of the spring tube labels and/or outer brackets. We will get back with you quickly to help you decide the correct parts needed.