HomeLink Garage Door Opener

Homelink garage door opener

The HomeLink Conversion Kit is a quick, easy, cost effective way to make any residential garage door opener compatible with the HomeLink built-in remote controls in 2002 and newer automobiles.
Instructions are included with the kit and the only tool you need to install it is a screwdriver.
  • Compatible with cars and trucks 2002 and newer
  • Cost effective way to use the HomeLink system in your car
  • Latest security features and rolling code technology
  • Works for units that no longer have compatible remote controls available
  • Can be added to any residential garage door opener unit
  • Additional accessories available - wireless keypad
  • Easy to install with included instructions. All you need is a screwdriver.

To convert one garage door, select HomeLink Conversion Kit 1
HomeLink Conversion Kit 1 comes with one 1-button remote control.
To convert two garage doors, order 2 of HomeLink Conversion Kit 1
Additional accessories that work with the HomeLink Conversion Kits are shown below also.