March 06, 2024

Garage Door Extension Springs : Double Loop vs Single Loop

Garage Door Extension Springs : Double Loop vs Single Loop

Understanding Garage Door Extension Springs: Single-Loop vs. Double-Loop

Hello! Deciding between single-loop and double-loop extension springs for your garage door? Both play a crucial role in the safe and efficient operation of your garage door, but they serve different needs. Let's break down the differences to help you choose the best fit for your garage door system.

Overview of Extension Springs

Extension springs are vital for balancing the weight of your garage door, providing the tension needed to lift and lower the door smoothly. The type of loop—single or double—affects the spring's durability and how it connects to the garage door system.

Single-Loop Extension Springs

Single-loop extension springs have one loop at each end and are typically used in lighter garage doors. While they are efficient and cost-effective for certain setups, they may not provide the same level of durability as double-loop springs.

Double-Loop Extension Springs

Double-loop springs feature two loops at each end, offering a stronger connection point and greater durability. Ideal for heavier doors or systems requiring more robust support, they're designed to withstand more cycles of opening and closing.

Making the Right Choice

Your choice between single-loop and double-loop springs depends on the weight of your garage door and the level of usage it gets. Double-loop springs might be the better option for longevity and reliability, especially for heavier doors.

Sizing Guide and Ordering

To order the correct extension spring, you'll need to know your garage door's height and weight. Our springs are color-coded for easy identification, but make sure to match the spring to your door's specifications for the best performance.

Click here for a detailed guide on measuring and ordering extension springs for your garage door.