January 22, 2024

Torquemaster Spring Adaptor for Genie Jackshaft Motors

Torquemaster Spring Adaptor for Genie Jackshaft Motors

Transitioning from idrive Motors: Upgrade to Smart Garage Control with Genie and Torquemaster

Explore the solution to discontinued idrive motors – an upgrade path to modern, smart garage door systems using Genie's advanced technology and a Torquemaster adapter kit.

The Challenge with idrive Motors | The Genie Solution | Torquemaster Adapter Kit | Aladdin Connect Features | Installation Guide | Conclusion

The Challenge with idrive Motors

Idrive motors, discontinued in 2012, pose a significant challenge due to the unavailability of replacement parts. This situation leaves many homeowners seeking a viable, modern solution for their garage door systems.

The Genie Solution

The Genie jackshaft wall-mounted motor, combined with a Torquemaster adapter kit, offers a smart, integrated solution. This setup not only replaces the outdated idrive system but also introduces advanced smart technology into your garage.

Torquemaster Adapter Kit

The Torquemaster adapter kit facilitates the use of Genie's motor with Torquemaster spring systems. It ensures smooth operation and compatibility, essential for the transition. Find the adapter here.

Aladdin Connect Features

Aladdin Connect, integrated into the Genie motor, enables remote monitoring and control of your garage door, compatible with Alexa and other home automation systems. This feature represents a significant upgrade in terms of functionality and security. View the Genie motor.

Installation Guide

The installation process is user-friendly. The adapter kit and Genie motor can rejuvenate your garage door system with smart capabilities. Access the installation instructions.


Upgrading from idrive motors to the Genie jackshaft motor with a Torquemaster adapter kit not only resolves the issue of discontinued parts but also brings your garage door system into the realm of smart technology, enhancing security and convenience.