Genie Wall Mount Pro Series 6170HB


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Elevate your garage experience with Genie's Wall Mount Pro Series Model 6170H-B. This state-of-the-art garage door opener integrates directly with the garage door's spring tube, providing a streamlined appearance and freeing up valuable ceiling space.

If you have a Torquemaster spring system, you can use the Genie Torquemaster Adapter Kit to install this wall mount opener on that system.

What sets the 6170H-B apart is its compatibility with the TorqueMaster Spring System, allowing a seamless match with products like the TorqueMaster Adapter Kit. This adds to the convenience and functionality, making it an ideal choice for modern garages.

With built-in Aladdin Connect Smart Tech, controlling your garage from almost anywhere becomes a reality. The included battery backup ensures continuous access, even during power failures, while the flexibility of the LED light fixture brightens your garage exactly where needed.

Notable features of the 6170H-B include:

  • 24 Volt Motor: Robust and reliable performance.
  • Wireless Wall Console: Effortless control and sleek design.
  • Safe-T-Pulse™ System: Enhanced safety with internal tension monitoring.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Assurance in quality with motor warranty protection.

Additionally, the Wall Mount Pro Series is designed for garages with beam obstructions or limited side room, making installation a breeze where traditional openers falter.

The Genie 6170H-B doesn't just open doors; it unlocks a new level of elegance, innovation, and control for your garage. Compatible with HomeLink & Car2U, and backed by a battery backup, the Wall Mount Pro Series offers unmatched sophistication and convenience.

Invest in the 6170H-B Wall Mount Pro Series by Genie and take a step towards a smarter, more organized, and visually appealing garage space. Experience the future of garage door technology today!

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