Universal Spring Anchor Bracket Pair - 11 Gauge

PART NUMBER: RS-300-31040


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Universal Spring Anchor Bracket Pair - 11 Gauge

Spring anchor brackets connect the stationary cone of the torsion spring to the garage door header. The bracket must be secured tightly to the header so the tension in the spring does not spin the bracket loose.

The size of a spring anchor bracket is determined by measuring the distance from the garage header to the center of the shaft, or to the center line (CL). Larger cable drums require larger end bearing plates. As a result, they need to be used with larger spring anchor brackets.

8-7/8" Longest Branch
6-1/2" Shorter Branch
5-1/8" Height
2" Flange

  • Pair of Brackets
  • Top Quality Bearings
  • 11 Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Easy to Install
Compatible with:
  • For use with Torsion Spring Systems

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