2" Nylon Roller with 11 Ball Bearings - 7" Zinc Plated Stem

PART NUMBER: RS-300-25007

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2" Nylon Heavy Duty 7" Stem Quiet Glide Garage Door Roller Replacement

This nylon 7 inch stem quite glide garage door roller replacement is the highest quality roller on the market. The 1.75 inch wheel contains an 11 ball bearing for super smooth, quiet, and reliable operation. These rollers are an excellent value with a 15,000 cycle rating and a 75-lb load. Built of high quality materials these replacement garage door rollers will provide years of use.


  • Compatible with 2" door tracks
  • 75-lb load
  • 15,000 8ft. door cycles
  • Bulged shoulders
  • 11 ball bearing roller wheel
  • 7 inch zinc plated rust resistant stem
  • 1.75 inch long life heavy duty nylon wheel

Tech Specs:

  • 1.75" Wheel Diameter
  • 6.75" Stem Length
  • 7.25" Overall Length (wheel-stem)

Garage Door Roller Selection Guide - How to Pick the correct roller for your garage door

Roller for doors with a 2" Track

We recommend replacing all rollers at once, however you can replace just one. When replacing only one or two rollers, make sure you are selecting the same type as you already have. Inspect your current garage door roller for the number of ball bearings inside it (some rollers have no bearings) and whether the wheel part is made of steel or nylon.  Then look at our roller select here to find the one compatible with your door.