LiftMaster 880LMW Smart Control Panel Wall Station


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The LiftMaster 880LMW Smart Control Panel is designed for modern garage door systems, offering extensive compatibility and advanced features. It works with various Chamberlain, Craftsman, and LiftMaster models, particularly those produced from 2011 that have a yellow learn button. The panel facilitates programming of remotes and includes features like a menu display, maintenance alerts, and a timer-to-close function. Additionally, it has a motion detector for automatic light activation, light control, and a security 'set away' mode. This wireless panel is powered by a 3-volt battery and can upgrade older LiftMaster Security+ systems to the newer Security+ 2.0™ and MyQ_Technology. 

  • Compatibility: This control panel is compatible with a range of garage door openers from Chamberlain, Craftsman, and LiftMaster, specifically those made from 2011 onwards with a round yellow learn button. It also replaces the part number 880LM.
  • Features: The panel includes a menu display, maintenance alert system, timer to close (TTC), motion detector, light control, and a 'set away' feature. It provides complete control of the garage door opener, allowing users to easily view inside garage temperature, time, and system diagnostics. The TTC feature can automatically close the garage door in a set time ranging from 1-99 minutes.
  • Additional Characteristics: The panel is equipped with a motion detector that turns on garage door lights when movement is detected, a light button to control the garage door opener work lights, and a feature that locks out all outside remote control signals for added security. It's completely wireless, powered by a 3-volt battery, and can upgrade LiftMaster Security+ garage door openers manufactured since 1998 to the new Security+ 2.0™ radio system and MyQ_Technology.
  • Model Compatibility: It is compatible with a wide range of LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman models, making it a versatile choice for many existing garage door systems.
  • Package Contents: The product includes the wall control, screws, and instructions for installation and use.

    Installation Manual for models manufactured in 2022 and after
    Installation Manual for models manufactured prior to 2022

    The LiftMaster 880LMW Smart Control Panel is compatible with a wide range of garage door opener models from different brands. The compatibility list includes:

    • LiftMaster Models: 8010, 8065, 8075, 8155, 8160W, 8164W, 8165, 8165W, 8355, 8355W, 8355W-267, 8360, 8360W, 8360W-267, 8360WL, 8365-267, 8365W-267, 8500, 8500-267, 8500W, 8500W-267, 8550, 8550W, 8550W-267, 8550WL, 8557, 8587, 8587W, 8587WL, WLED, and WLED-267.

    • Chamberlain Models: 349544, 349544EV, B1381, B500, B503, B510, B550, B730, B750, B970, C203, C400, C410, C450, C610C, C870, HD210, HD210C, HD220, HD220C, HD420EV, HD420EVC, HD520EVG, HD750WF, HD750WFC, HD920EV, HD950WF, HD950WFC, LW260C, LC500EVC, LW2200, LW3000EV, LW3500EV, LW5000EV, LW6000WFC, LW9000WF, LW9000WFC, PD220, RJO20, PD222, PD510, PD512, PD612EV, PD622EVC, PD762EV, WD1000WF, WD1000WFC, WD832KEVC, WD850KEVG, WD852KEV, WD962KEV, WD962KEVC, WD962MLEVC, WD962KPEV, and WD962MLEV.

    • Craftsman Models: 139.3043, 139.54930, 139.54931, 139.54985, 139.57915, and 139.57918