Liftmaster 485LM Replacement Battery


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Liftmaster 485LM is the replacement battery for the EverCharge standby power system for Liftmaster 3850, 8360, and 8550 garage door openers. 12 volt 5ah.Manufacturer original equipment replacement part.

  • 485LM Battery

Compatible with: Liftmaster 3850, 8360, 8550 garage door opener.

Replacing the Battery:

  1. Disconnect power to opener.
  2. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the battery cover on the motor unit.
  3. Remove the old battery and discard.
  4. Partially insert new battery into motor unit with terminals facing out.
  5. Connect red (+) and black (-) wires from motor unit to corresponding terminals on battery.
  6. Replace battery cover.
  7. Reconnect power.