Lag Screw 5/16-9 x 2 1/2'' Length - 7/16'' Hex Head High Profile - Zinc


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Lag Screw - Full Thread Type A is a high-quality fastening solution designed for durability and ease of use. This screw features a head height of 5/16 inches and is equipped with an indented hex washer head, which allows for a better grip and efficient driving using standard tools. The dimensions of the screw are 5/16-9 with a length of 2-1/2 inches, making it suitable for a variety of garage construction and DIY projects.

The head of this lag screw is 7/16 inches, high profile, ensuring prominent placement for easy access and adjustments during installation or maintenance. Its full-thread design ensures a secure and tight fit, providing strong and reliable fastening for heavy-duty applications.

What sets this lag screw apart is its zinc plating. This feature not only enhances the screw's appearance but also significantly increases its resistance to corrosion and wear. This makes it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications where durability is a key concern.

Whether you are working on woodworking projects, securing structures, or performing general repairs, the Lag Screw - Full Thread Type A offers the strength and reliability needed to get the job done effectively.