Extension Spring Heavy Duty Pulley 3" for doors up to 200lb


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Garage Door 3" Heavy Duty Solid Rivet Pulley with 3/8" bore. Works for doors up to 200lbs. Life cycles 10,000 +/- (1 open, 1 close = 1 cycle). For extension spring doors.

Do you need the clevis straps to make this pulley a set? You can get the compatible hardware kit for a set of 3" pulleys here.



  • 3" Diameter Heavy Duty Sheave Pulley


    • Heavy Duty 200lb Load
    • 6 Solid Rivet
    • 3/8" Bore
    • Compatible with up to 1/8" diameter cables
    • for Extension Spring Doors

    Take a look at this diagram to see the different spring types:

    Garage Door Spring Types

    When it comes to garage door extension spring systems, it's important to remember that two springs are required to lift the weight of the door. For example, if you have a 80lb garage door, you will need two 80lb extension springs to lift it. When looking to replace your garage door extension springs, it's important to check the item description for information on size, life cycle and other specific details.

    We recommend that you replace both springs, pulleys, and cables at the same time to ensure they are evenly balanced and to not have to do it again. Over time, extension springs can stretch and become fatigued which can cause problems if only one is replaced. By replacing both at the same time, and all of the extension spring cables and pulleys you can avoid issues related to an uneven balance.

    To make the process even more convenient, you can get a garage door extension spring ,clevis strap fastener kit, pulley kit, and cables. Replacing all these parts will ensure a smooth, safe operation of your garage door.

    In addition, it's worth noting that this pulley is specifically designed for garage door extension spring systems and is not compatible with torsion or torquemaster spring systems. And to make sure you have all the necessary parts for the replacement, you can purchase the compatible hardware kit for a set of pulleys separately.

    In summary, garage door extension spring pulley replacement is an important task that should be done with great care, make sure to always replace both springs at the same time, and use a garage door extension spring and pulley kit to make the process smooth, and always pay attention to the compatibility of the pulley with the spring system you have.

    Here are some great how to guides on extension spring install:

    Click here to download instruction manual

    Compatible with:

    • Most residential steel and wood doors with standard lift Extension Springs up to 200lbs