November 28, 2023

Understanding Double Spring System Upgrades for Sub-100lbs Doors

Understanding Double Spring System Upgrades for Sub-100lbs Doors


Owners of garage doors weighing under 100lbs with a double spring system are currently facing a crucial transition. Due to changes in the manufacturing of TorqueMaster springs, adaptations in existing systems are necessary. This article provides a detailed guide on how to navigate these changes, whether you have the Plus or the Original TorqueMaster system.

Scenario 1: Owners with the Plus Style TorqueMaster

The new manufacturing standards for TorqueMaster plus springs have led to the discontinuation of the double spring set for doors under 100lbs in the Plus style. This necessitates a switch to a single spring setup.

  • Required Change: Transition from a double to a single spring system.
  • Components Needed: The conversion requires a new single spring and a replacement bracket for the left side of the assembly, ensuring seamless operation and safety.

Scenario 2: Owners with the Original Style TorqueMaster

For doors equipped with the Original Style TorqueMaster, a comprehensive upgrade to the Plus style is necessary.

  • Upgrading Process: Transitioning to the Plus style includes shifting to a single spring system.
  • Conversion Kit: The kit includes all parts required for a single spring setup in the Plus style, simplifying the upgrade process.

Special Note for Those Who Have Already Ordered a Replacement Spring

If you've already ordered a replacement spring but discovered a different setup in your system, here's what you need to know:

  • Plus Style Springs: If you have the Plus style and find two springs, order the single spring winding assembly.
  • Original Style Springs: If you have the Original style and find two springs, return the original spring and reorder the complete Plus upgrade kit, including the new spring.


The changes in TorqueMaster spring manufacturing are part of ongoing improvements in garage door technology. While these adjustments may seem daunting, they are essential for the enhanced efficiency, safety, and longevity of your garage door system. Whether upgrading to Plus style or converting to a single spring setup, these steps are an investment in your home’s functionality and security.