Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Plus Spring Cone Right Hand


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Torquemaster Plus Winding Shaft - OEM Wayne Dalton replacement part. this end cone is compatible with a 0.650" spring inside diameter, ensuring a perfect fit.

Key Features:

  • Strong Construction: Engineered from high-quality materials, this winding shaft guarantees durability and resilience, standing up to the demands of regular use.
  • Plastic Components: The inclusion of robust plastic elements contributes to the winding shaft's lightweight design, while not compromising on strength.
  • Gray Finish: The winding shaft features a sleek, gray finish, contributing to its overall aesthetic while offering an additional layer of protection against wear and tear.
  • Right-Hand Orientation: This particular model is designed for right-hand configurations, ensuring compatibility with your existing Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Plus spring system.


  • Enhanced Durability: The diecast construction ensures a long-lasting product that can withstand the rigors of regular use.
  • Smooth Operation: Experience smooth and reliable garage door operation, thanks to the precision engineering of this Torquemaster Plus winding shaft.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for a straightforward installation process, this winding shaft can be set up with ease, saving you time and effort.


Specifically designed for garage door systems with a 0.650" spring inside diameter, this winding shaft end is compatible with Torquemaster Plus configurations, ensuring a perfect match for your existing setup.