Wayne Dalton Wireless Wall Station 297136 303 Mhz



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Wayne Dalton Multi-Function Wireless Wall Station. Compatible with Wayne Dalton Classic Drive garage door opener models using 303 Mhz (3012, 3016, 3512) and Wayne Dalton Quantum models using 303 Mhz (3212, 3213, 3412).

Up/down button allows the activation of opener in up or down direction. Security lock-out switch disables the opener, making the push button, remote control transmitter, and wall station inoperable. Light button offers the convenience of turning the garage door opener off or on. Mounting screws, batteries, and instructions included.


  • Open/Close Garage Door
  • Turn On/Off opener light
  • Vacation Lock
  • Mounting Hardware, AAA batteries, and Instructions Included
  • Dimensions: 2.75" by 3.5" by 1.25"
Compatible with:

All Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener models using 303 Mhz frequency. (look on back of old wall station or back of opener motor)

  • Classic Drive 3012, 3016, 3512
  • Quantum 3211, 3212, 3213, 3312, 3313, 3412, 3413
  • Old Part Numbers: 02-3048U

How to select the right device for your garage door opener model:

On the back of your garage door opener motor (attached to the ceiling in your garage) there should be a silver sticker which has the model number of your garage door opener written on it. Look for your model above.

If you have a remote control check on the back of it for the frequency number. It should say 303 somewhere on it.

You can look at the color of the antenna wire coming out of the powerhead unit to determine the frequency. For 303 Mhz frequency the antenna wire color is - Single wire - black, green, or white. Two wires - yellow and white