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Heavy duty 10,000 high cycle life replacement springs for Wayne Dalton Garage Doors using the torquemaster spring system. This specialty spring is made only by Wayne Dalton for their Torquemaster TMS garage door system.

To order Torquemaster replacement springs, you need to know a few important details. First, you'll need the height and weight of your door. Additionally, you'll need to identify the style of your current torquemaster spring - whether it's the plus or original version.

If you aren't sure which kind of Torquemaster spring replacements to get, we recommend selecting the Complete Plus Upgrade with includes everything you could need in the latest Tourquemaster plus spring system. It comes with plus spring(s), winding assembly and cable drum kit for your door size. This is the worry free choice.

Here is a step by step guide for ordering springs. If this is overwhelming, just email us! We will help you order the correct replacements quickly. Click here for Torquemaster Spring FAQs

Torquemaster Spring StepsTorquemaster Plus versus Torquemaster Original Springs

Plastic spring sleeves are not included. Cones may be made out of varying material (plastic or metal) as manufactured.

Ordering Info for Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Torsion and TorqueMaster Plus Springs

When it comes to DIY garage door repair, Wayne Dalton's TorqueMaster torsion spring systems are specifically designed to be safer and more user-friendly for homeowners. Here's how to select the correct TorqueMaster spring for your garage door:

STEP 1: Selecting Spring Type - TorqueMaster Plus or TorqueMaster Original/One

Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Original (TM One) Springs:

  • Design: The original TorqueMaster One springs are wound using a drill. These springs feature a worm gear that drives the main drive gear. A counter wheel showcases the number of turns on the spring.
  • Winding: These springs are wound using a drill combined with a 7/16” socket or nut driver. They're tailored for DIY home owners, simplifying installation, adjustment, and spring replacement.

Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Plus Springs:

  • Design: This newer system ditches the counter wheel. Instead, it uses a ratcheting mechanism. Installers need to mark the socket to count the number of turns while winding the springs.
  • Winding: These springs require a 5/8" socket wrench for winding. With no dial for counting turns, the number of turns is gauged by marking the socket and counting as the spring is wound.

STEP 2: Determining Door Height

  • It's important to accurately measure your door height
  • For doors measuring between 6’6” to 7’5”, you'll consider them as 7ft doors.
  • For doors ranging from 7’6” to 8’5”, they are categorized as 8ft doors.

STEP 3: Determining Door Weight

  • The spring tube labels will sometimes list the weight or balance weight. However, if the label doesn't specify the weight, you can determine it by using a bathroom scale and releasing the spring tension.

Wayne Dalton designed the TorqueMaster torsion spring system prioritizing safety, allowing DIY enthusiasts to install doors without the dangers inherent to standard torsion spring systems.

Order Using Door Model Number and Dimensions:

Another method to source the appropriate torquemaster torsion springs for your garage door involves using the door model number combined with its dimensions.

Step 1: Measure the Dimensions Begin by accurately measuring the height and width of your garage door.

Step 2: Identify the Model Number Once you have the dimensions, search for the door model number. This is often printed on a sticker located on the door sections, tracks, or tube. Common model numbers you might come across include 8000, 8100, 8200, 9100, 9600, Foamcore II (FC II), and the Thermowayne series numbers like 36, 37, or 38.

Step 3: Reach Out to Us With the door's dimensions and model number at hand, send us an email. We will promptly assist you in identifying the most suitable spring combination for your garage door.

The Advantages of Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Springs for the DIY Homeowner

If you're a homeowner who is ready to save money and get the job done quickly, Wayne Dalton's TorqueMaster Springs might just be what you're looking for. Here's why:

  1. User-Friendly Design:
    Wayne Dalton created the TorqueMaster system with the average homeowner in mind. It's straightforward and doesn't require specialized tools or training. You can handle installations and adjustments using common household tools and our simple instructions.
  2. Cost-Effective:
    DIY means you're cutting out the middleman - and the associated costs. By choosing to install or repair using the TorqueMaster system, you're saving hundreds on those often-pricey professional service fees.
  3. Prioritizing Safety:
    Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to DIY projects. The TorqueMaster system is designed to be safer than many traditional torsion spring systems, giving you peace of mind while working.
  4. Practicality and Convenience:
    Being able to manage your garage door's maintenance and repairs when you need it done invaluable. Sometimes lead times from local repair men can be weeks or months. The TorqueMaster system gives you the flexibility to address issues on your schedule, without waiting for appointments.

In short, Wayne Dalton's TorqueMaster Springs are a smart choice for homeowners. They offer a blend of convenience, cost savings, and safety, making them an excellent investment for your home.

How to Order Torquemaster Springs

You only need to know a couple things to order replacements. You will need the height and weight of your door and then you have to determine which style (plus or original) torquemaster spring you have currently. 

Here is an example of a spring tube label showing the weight:

Torquemaster spring tube label
Sometimes listed on spring tube labels as Wgt, WT, Bal Wt, Bal Wgt. If the balance weight is not on the label (example above), you will need to weigh your door or reference the chart below if you know your door model (don't guess!!). Use a bathroom scale (analog, not digital) and release the tension on the spring to weigh. Make sure there is no spring tension on the door (cables should be disconnected or slack on both sides).

Torquemaster door weight chart

How to determine TMI vs TMII, sometimes referred to as torquemaster original and torquemaster plus or TM and TM3. The original torquemaster have end cones that are round with little splines (pictured below) and were installed on doors manufactured prior to Feb 2007 (check date on spring tube label). Torquemaster plus have end cones that are hexagon shaped (pictured below) and doors installed after February 2007. The spring tube label will often list "TM3" or "TM Plus" on it if it's plus style or just "TM" if it's original. If you are unsure, please email us some images of your spring tube label or the end brackets.

Torquemaster style chart

Installation Instructions:

Torquemaster PLUS Spring Installation Instructions

Original Torquemaster Spring Installation Instructions

How to Convert Torquemaster Original to Torquemaster Plus