Residential Narrow Body Hinge 18 Gauge

PART NUMBER: RS-300-10000

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Residential Garage Door Hinge - Narrow body

  • Top quality 18 Gauge (about the thickness of a dime) galvanized steel.
  • Used for Residential: Aluminum, Wood, and Steel applications.
  • Assorted hinge bracket hole combinations.
  • Look at your existing garage door hinge and find the number stamped on hinge to determine correct number size.
These 18 gauge garage door hinges are approximately 2.25" wide and vary in length depending on the number. #1 hinge is approximately 7.75" in length. They increase slightly in size between the next numbers.


Compatible with: Most residential garage doors will have 18 gauge or 16 gauge hinges. However some of the higher quality garage doors will use 14 gauge hinges. Heavier wood residential garage doors usually use 14 gauge hinges. When replacing garage door hinges it is important to make sure you are ordering the right hinges. Usually all of the hinges in the center of the door are #1 hinges. The hinges on the edges of your garage door that hold the garage door rollers will be numbered. Usually the hinges between the bottom panel and the second panel will be #1 hinges. The hinges between the second and third panels will be # 2 hinges. The hinges between the third and fourth panels will be # 3 hinges and so on. When it comes time to replace your garage door hinges, it may also be a good idea to replace your rollers.