Lag Screw 5/16-9 x 3'' Length - 7/16'' Hex Head High Profile - Zinc


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Introducing the robust and versatile Lag Screw - Full Thread Type A, a premium fastening solution for a wide range of garage DIY applications. This screw is designed with a head height of 5/16 inches, making it compact yet effective for secure installations. Its unique indented hex washer head provides a superior grip, allowing for easy and efficient driving with standard tools, reducing installation time and effort.

The screw measures 5/16-9 in diameter and boasts a length of 3 inches, offering excellent reach and anchoring capabilities for various materials and structures. This length is particularly useful for applications requiring secure fastening in both wood and masonry.

The 7/16 inch high-profile head of the lag screw is not just functional but also ensures easy accessibility for adjustments and tightening. This design feature is particularly beneficial in situations where maintenance or adjustments are needed post-installation.

A key attribute of this lag screw is its zinc plating. This coating not only provides the screw with a sleek, clean appearance but also significantly enhances its corrosion resistance. This makes it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring long-lasting performance even in challenging environments.

Whether you're tackling construction projects, woodworking, or general repairs, the Lag Screw - Full Thread Type A offers a combination of strength, durability, and ease of use, making it an essential component for any toolbox.