Lag Screw 5/16-9 x 2'' Length - 7/16'' Hex Head High Profile - Zinc


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The Lag Screw - Full Thread Type A is an essential fastener designed for strength and durability. This screw boasts a 5/16 inch head height and features an indented hex washer head, which provides a firm grip and allows for efficient driving with common tools. The dimensions of the screw are 5/16-9, and it has a length of 2 inches, making it versatile for a wide range of garage DIY applications, from woodworking to structural projects.

The screw's head measures 7/16 inches, designed with a high profile to ensure easy accessibility and adjustment during installation or maintenance. This feature is especially beneficial in applications where frequent adjustments or inspections are necessary.

One of the notable attributes of this lag screw is its zinc plating. This coating not only gives the screw a clean and professional appearance but also significantly enhances its resistance to corrosion. This makes it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use, offering extended durability in various environmental conditions.

Overall, the Lag Screw - Full Thread Type A is a reliable and high-quality choice for those seeking a strong, durable fastening solution. Its design and zinc plating make it an ideal component for ensuring secure and lasting installations in a multitude of projects.