Garage Door Extension Springs for Doors up to 8ft High - Double Looped


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Garage Door Extension Springs for doors up to 8ft high - Double Looped

Garage door extension springs for 8ft doors - Double loop ends, painted and color coded. High quality spring wire rated for 10,000 cycles. Extension springs are sold individually. We highly recommend replacing both extension springs are the same time for the best life of your new spring. Order 2 QTY to receive a pair.

how to order extension springs guide

Extension springs require 2 springs to pull the listed weight. Example: it takes two 80lb gold springs to lift a 80lb door.

  • Double Looped Ends
  • Rated for 10,000 cycles (a cycle is 1 open & close of the door)
  • High quality spring wire
  • Painted for longer life
  • 27" long (not including the looped ends)
  • 48" stretch
  • This spring is designed for garage doors that are up to 8 feet tall.

Tips & Information on Ordering Extension Springs


Garage door extension spring sizing guide:
CLICK HERE for Tips & Information on Ordering Extension Springs

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How To Order Extension Springs - Guide

To order the correct extension spring for your garage door, you will need to know the height and weight of your door. Extension springs are also color coded, but the colors repeat every hundred pounds, so you should verify you are selecting the correct spring based on the height, weight and color if possible.

Extension Springs Installation Instructions - Standard Lift